Our Process

We love to build.  We also love to please clients.  Our process begins with a discussion of the client’s vision for their new home.  We often visit past projects, pore over photographs, talk design and space requirements.  We want to get to know you, your personality, and what you need in a home.  From there we get specific, we create plans, and determine budget and timelines.

Design comes next.  Some clients are born designers, others bring in their own design professionals, most hire us.  We are design nerds.  We love designing themes, we do contemporary, soft-contemporary, transitional, mid-century, traditional.  This is the fun part. Working with our lead designer, Jim Kuiken, you fill your home with the beautiful finishes that match your personality. Design is essential, it is what sets us apart from other builders.  No choice A, B, or C, we source the materials that fit our needs.  We don’t check boxes, we design.

Finally we get everything on paper, bid out the project, compile numbers, and present the project and pricing  to you for approval.

Then we build.

Step By Step Construction

Initial meeting
At our first meeting we do a lot of listening. We want to hear what you love in a home. We want to know what you don’t love in a home. We want to get to know you. We’ll talk size, space, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, neighborhoods, cities, developments. We go over it all. We will often use one of Accent’s previously built homes as a template, a starting point from which to make it your own. Other times we will start from scratch, we build homes from napkin sketches and notebook paper.  We should leave this meeting with a direction, a plan in mind, ready to begin the design phase.

Design Phase

We start with the plan.  We’ll work off an existing Accent design, or we’ll create a new one.  We’ll go back and forth with emails, meetings, phone calls, until we create your ideal home plan.

Then we design it.  Many clients thrive at designing their own home,  picking their finishes and colors, hardwoods here, carpet there.  This type of faucet here, this range hood there.   Others bring in their own professional help. Most hire us.

We start with the exterior. Brick, stone, exterior siding colors–sky is the limit. Moving inside, we talk themes, ideas, colors, and move through the selection process until we have a fully planned and designed home.


In the final pre-construction phase, we bid out your home and compile numbers.  We present you with a complete package for review and approval.  We talk terms of payment, payment schedule, and make if official.  Then we build.

Pre-Construction Meeting

At the Pre-construction Meeting we will sit down to review your new home. This meeting will give you an opportunity to ask us specific questions relating to the actual construction of your new home. We will review every aspect of your home from placement on the home site to a review of your interior selections. We will also be able to set expectations with you regarding the construction process and timeline of your new home.


At this time your new home will transform from a vacant piece of land to a construction site. During this process you will notice your basement is excavated, your foundation footings and block or poured concrete walls are installed, and the waterproofing is applied. During this process, the first of several quality inspections will be conducted. During the foundation inspection, several key areas will be inspected by the designated professional.


At the framing stage, your dreams begin to take shape.  You will now begin to see your dream home right before your eyes. The structural elements, lumber, engineered floor and roof truss system will be delivered to your home. Our carpentry crew with a relationship that spans over 25 years will begin to assemble your home. The carpentry process will begin by setting the structural elements on the foundation to support the house. After this is done, your floor system will be installed followed by the first floor sheathing, walls, second floor joists, second floor walls, roof trusses, roof sheathing, and then a day to wrap everything up. Upon completion of the framing but prior to the installation of your mechanicals, another inspection will occur confirming that your home is constructed with the specific options you have selected as well as confirming the quality of the construction of your home, bearing points, room and window dimensions and elevations.

Rough-in Mechanicals

Now that the framing on your home is complete, it’s time to install the contents of your home. Over the next several weeks you will see your home transform from an empty shell to something very special. This is when everything that is going to be covered up with insulation and drywall is installed. While on the outside you may see installation of your windows and roof shingles, inside is where all activity is going on. First your rough-in plumbing will be installed including tubs and showers. Our heating and cooling contractor will first install all of the ductwork necessary to move fresh air in and old air out of each room in your home. After the heating and cooling contractor is complete you will see all of the electrical wires, switch boxes, light openings and phone/cable locations installed in your new home. You will also see all of your water lines and drains installed into your walls and ceilings.

Once all of your rough mechanicals are installed, several inspections will be conducted by both Accent Homes, Inc. and the local municipal building department to ensure that the mechanical components along with the construction of your home comply with all municipal building codes. Upon the approval of all necessary inspections we will verify that those items specific to your home are installed prior to the installation of insulation and drywall.

Insulation and Drywall

Now that you have had an opportunity to review the status of your new home and all required inspections have been conducted, you will see your new home come to life. Next is the insulation will be installed in your exterior walls and in your attic. Once your home is insulated properly you will see several days of drywall installation take place. The drywall will be hung on the walls and ceilings of your new home. Typically this is a two to five day process. After the drywall is installed, there will be several days of taping and finishing the drywall.

On or around the time the drywall work has begun in your new home, you will also see the exterior begin to take life. The exterior features such as siding, brick or stone etc. will be installed. During this phase of construction, we will be confirming the quality of the drywall installation as well as the exterior features of your new home.

Interior & Exterior Features

Now that the drywall is complete, things begin moving very quickly. Almost every day there will be something new going on in your new home. First, the primer coat of paint is applied to the new drywall. The next step will be interior doors, trim, base moldings and cabinets are installed. At this time, we will conduct another inspection to confirm the quality of the interior trim prior to any staining or finish painting of the interior of your home.

During this phase of construction, you will also see the remaining items on the exterior of your home take shape such as the driveway, sidewalks, porch posts, garage doors and exterior painting. Because your home is being built in an ever changing climate, these items may be completed at different stages of construction depending on the weather and time of year.

Once we have ensured that the trim and drywall are ready for finishing, all the fun begins on the interior of your new home. The interior of your home will be painted, trim stained and varnished, flooring will be installed and counter tops will go in. Once this is all done, your finishing mechanicals will be installed. This will include your plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, outlets and switches and floor registers.

As soon as your interior finishes are in, your home will be professionally cleaned, carpet installed and we will conduct one more quality inspection. At the completed home inspection, we will ensure the home is ready for you to move in.

New Home Orientation Walk Thru

After completing all of the required municipal inspections, receiving a Certificate of Occupancy and completing our final quality inspection, we will meet you for a very detailed walk through of your new home. During this meeting, you will not only inspect the entire home but you will also be educated on all of the interior workings of your new home.  Then we close, and you move!